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Food for usmeans promoting food sovereignty, seen as people’s right to decide autonomously what to produce, choosing sustainable methods of cultivation that respect the environment and local traditions. 

We are part of a global network of NGO and farmer’s movements that have chosen agroecology as a scientific, practical method to use in the transition from the old agroalimentary systems based on chemistry, oil and labour exploitation, to new agroalimentary systems that can win over global warming, protect biodiversity and guarantee free and dignified labour. 

We are one of the first Italian NGO that took up the political challenge of food sovereignty set up by “La Via Campesina“, the main farmers’ movement of the world, counting 200 million associates in four continents. 

At the beginning, we contributed to its affirmation in the Italian and European associationism and institutions, demonstrating limitations in the concept of alimentary security in the fight against hunger. 

Today our commitment is to promote and test alternative food systems by combining political awareness with development cooperation activities.  

We are also creating international networks of civil society that deal with food sovereignty. Through the coordination of Expo deiPopoli, we promoted a forum of farmers’ associations and movements that gathered 150 delegates from over 50 countries around the world in Milan.

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