Today, in the Cacheu region (Guinea Bissau), the celebration of the World Refugee Day promoted by UNHCR was held.
An event that wanted to celebrate the strength, courage and resilience of people forced to leave their homes and their countries due to wars, persecutions and human rights violations. Mani Tese also participated in the day, as implementing partner of the project funded by UNHCR in Guinea Bissau.

This is a project undertaken this year by Mani Tese as part of the UNHCR operational program, which aims to monitor and support the Senegalese refugees present in the country through community economic development and the protection of their human rights.

The day represented an opportunity for entertainment with refugees and host communities in the region with sporting and cultural activities and a concert to remember how important it is to have good coexistence and a welcoming spirit.

Giornata Rifugiato_Guinea Bissau_Mani Tese_2017

Giornata Rifugiato_Pubblico_Guinea_Bissau_Mani Tese_2017

Giornata Rifugiato_Guinea Bissau_M;ani Tese_2017

Giornata Rifugiato_Speakers_Guinea Bissau_Mani Tese_2017

Giornata Rifugiato_Evento Guinea Bissau_Mani Tese_2017

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