by Riccardo Rossella, Advocacy, Education and Campaigns Area

A month ago, on the occasion of our joining the Fashion Revolution Week 2020, we described the situation of serious difficulty in which the workers employed along the global textile and clothing supply chains found themselves, a sector among the hardest hit by the current crisis due to the sharp slowdown in both production and the demand for clothes and accessories.

Today, one month later, the situation shows no signs of improvement. Millions of people around the world continue to lose jobs and income, or to avoid this they are forced to work in the absence of the necessary protection measures against the coronavirus infection.

The answer to this dramatic picture must come first from the companies upstream of the supply chains, which have the responsibility of protecting those people who have allowed a continuous increase in profits in the past years, starting from compliance with the contractual commitments in place with their own companies. providers.

For this reason Mani Tese supports the petition addressed by the Clean Clothes Campaign to fashion brands and distributors to take all the necessary measures to provide adequate health, economic and social safeguards to all workers employed along their supply chains.

However, governments too can and must do their part, starting with the Italian one. We therefore also join in the requests that the Clean Clothes Campaign itself has forwarded to the government to ask that access to the public funds of the Relaunch Decree be guaranteed only to those companies that are committed to respecting human rights and pay taxes in our country.

The crisis we are experiencing can be an opportunity to radically change the old and worn-out business models, right away: the restart must necessarily take place in the spirit of respect for the rights of all workers and protection of the environment. There must be a renewed commitment on the part of everyone to social, economic and environmental justice.

To sign the Clean Clothes Campaign petition: https://petizioni.abitipuliti.org/covid19/

To find out more about the requests sent to the Italian Government: http://www.abitipuliti.org/regole-vincolanti-per-le-imprese/vincolare-i-fondi-al-rispetto-dei-diritti-umani-e-ambientali-altrimenti -the-patch-will-be-bigger-than-the-hole/

To discover the Made in Justice program, aimed at promoting new business models that respect the environment and human rights: https://www.manitese.it/en/made-in-justice

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