We welcome Paola Toncich, arrived a few days ago in Guinea Bissau to coordinate the project “FREE FROM VIOLENCE: RIGHTS AND EMANCIPATION FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS IN GUINEA-BISSAU“.

After graduating in International Development and Cooperation and a period of training and work, Paola was in Bolivia for 7 years initially dealing with food security and income generation projects in the communities of the Bolivian plateau, with particular emphasis on female empowerment. In the last 3 years she has then dedicated herself to under-age and juvenile criminal justice with a restorative approach, i.e. a different and innovative system of considering criminal acts, through the assumption of responsibility by the perpetrator, the participation of victims in the process of reparation and the creation of second life opportunities and social reintegration. This last element, combined with Paola’s interest in the gender issue, allowed her to build a wealth of knowledge that she will bring with Mani Tese to Guinea-Bissau, to contribute to the reintegration and rediscovery of the dignity of women who suffer violence.

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