Mani Tese continues to support the 20 local companies selected by the project “Innovative social enterprises and migrants participation for social inclusion in Burkina Faso” co-financed by AICS and Maria Enrica Foundation.

During the month of November, the 20 groups of entrepreneurs, together with 4 other producer organizations supported by the social enterprise Ké du Burkinabé (KDB), participated in a specific training session on the rules and techniques of work to obtain a product of quality.

24 different training sessions took place, one for each company, dedicated to the specific products that the companies produce or transform. In addition to explaining the hygiene rules for processing the raw material, the trainer also presented the national production standards, which the partner ACRA provided, as their elaboration is one of the project components he deals with.

It was certainly an interesting experience, which was strongly requested by the companies themselves, to improve and thus make their product more attractive on the market.

The synergy with the partner ACRA and the social enterprise KDB was then particularly useful, given that some of the companies involved in the project already sell in the capital market with the KDB brand and for the future it is expected that others can also be contacted, as their products are interesting for expanding the range of social enterprise.

The only requirement is that the final product complies with the qualitative standards provided for at national level (which are verified by analysis) and therefore this training was found to be fundamental in this regard.

Here are some photos of the training:

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