Mani Tese is present in Burkina Faso with several projects related to sustainable development, food sovereignty and the promotion of rights.

In the context of its activities, the training work on the field is very important, such as that carried out within the project “Social and rights promotion of women and children for the improvement of health and civil status services“, co-financed by the EU.

After having reviewed and selected the community organizations that deal with young people and women in the three regions of the Centre, Centre Sud and Plateau Central, our coordinator Habibou, helped by her formidable animators Jeanne and Pascal, organized a dozen training days on the so-called “Human Rights-based Approach“, that is how to promote development starting from respect for human rights, with the support of an expert.

Starting in November, these days saw a very wide participation, not only by the invited associations, but also by the local authorities who have fully entered into the spirit of the project, supporting the activities and actively participating in it. The local press is also closely following the initiative, which is part of a broader program (“Population”) of the European Union and which involves various NGOs and United Nations agencies.

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