Damata is 47 years old and is part of the Wousso Goutta cooperative (in bissa language “God is great”), one of the cooperatives selected by the project “Innovative social enterprises and participation of migrants for social inclusion in Burkina Faso” co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Maria Enrica Foundation.

Thanks to their business, Damata and the other women of the village are improving their living conditions and are also taking away some satisfaction… such as the success of the bean biscuits they produce!

At the base of the recipe there is niébé, white cowpea, a very versatile legume and used in Burkinabé cuisine, which can be eaten simply boiled or with rice, but also made from flour to make crepes, pancakes, couscous and biscuits very good and nutritious.

Damata and her colleagues first began to cultivate niébé and then, thanks to the project, they were able to grow and build their own biscuit production workshop, complete with a warehouse and meeting room.

“Finally – Damata tells us – we have a structure where we can work, but also meet for business meetings And with the marketing training we have received, we have understood the real potential of our product on the market and now we know how to manage the our cooperative “.

Wousso Goutta therefore works on the entire supply chain, from the cultivation of niébé to the sale of the processed product, and his biscuits are being analyzed in a laboratory in the capital to evaluate their nutritional and organoleptic qualities, from which we hope will soon result in the possibility of marketing to others. markets as well as local ones, where the cooperative is already known.

Finally, Damata wishes everyone good health (because there is a need for it!) And obviously wishes her cooperative to grow and be successful in all its activities.

Here are some photos of Damata next to the oven and sacks of niébé.

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