We are in Eduba, an agricultural community in the district of Quelimane, for the second episode of our video blog on the “Rural Quelimane” project, co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. Here, as in other communities in the district, living conditions are extremely harsh.

Teadora José told us about that and, like many other Eduba women, she works with strength and dedication to support her large family. Teadora cultivates and sells agricultural products, but for four years now the adverse weather conditions (with rains concentrated in a few weeks and prolonged droughts from May to November) have made her job more difficult. Teadora struggles to get enough of a crop to support the family and to have a surplus to sell to cope expenses, such as those for educating children.

During the project we will see if Teadora’s living conditions, as well as those of other producing women and families, will improve with agroecology and community work.

In the meantime, good job Teadora…


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