Do you remember Teadora?

We had gone to see her in Eduba, in the district of Quelimane, for the second episode of our video blog “Stories of Rural Quelimane“. On that occasion, Teadora had told us how much more difficult her job as a farmer was due to the drought, and had impressed us with her resilience.

In June we went back to find her for a new episode of the video blog, and we found out that the rains have filled her cistern: Teadora finally has all the water she needs for domestic use!

In the meantime, accompanied by the technical team of the “Rural Quelimane” project, co-financed by AICS, Teadora continues her daily work as a mother and a farmer. She accompanied us in her machamba, her field, to show us how she is harvesting rice, helped by the sisters Florencia José and Celia José.

Watch the video to find out how Teodora’s care and dedication for her machamba guarantee the education of her children:


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