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People are our strength. 

Mani Tese have more than 5,000 volunteers that work individually or through 18 groups, 6 local associations and 4 cooperatives.  

Volunteers organize activities and events to raise awareness about sustainability and justice issues, promote flea markets, take part in our work camps, carry out Christmas fundraising campaign “Molto più di un pacchetto regalo” to support our international cooperation projects. 

Everyone can become a volunteer for Mani Tese and contribute to spread our values through awareness and fundraising to support our projects by offering their time or skills. 

What are you waiting for? Become the change you want to see in the world.

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Head of awareness-raising and promoting Volunteering


I am Domenica Mazza, I met Mani Tese due to a work camp, more than 10 years ago. It was love at first sight and in short time from camp-volunteer I became a camp organizer, from volunteer I became volunteer organizer. I should say, I reached out and Mani Tese changed my life.  What did I do before? A degree in sociology, the civil service, various works in defence of human rights, the coordination of a project […]

Here you have some ideas to join us


Organize an event for Mani Tese

Are you in a band, do you own a restaurant, do you run a club, are you in a sports association or do you have a bookstore? Organize an event for Mani Tese: a concert, an extraordinary menu, a solidarity aperitif, an event in the name of solidarity. Choose a project to adopt and contact us to receive support and all information materials. Add a solidarity dimension to your job and your interests, committing yourself to the achievement of our Association’s goals.



Give us your art

Are music, theatre, dance, painting, photography or web design your passions? Help us by donating your art! You can support Mani Tese through a concert, a theatre performance, a show, an exhibition, proposing you as a reporter during our events or helping us create flyers for our activities. Contact us to evaluate ideas and projects together.


Give us your professionalism

Are you a journalist? Help us spread our mission and our campaigns on media.

Are you an advertiser? Help us searching free spaces in which we can promote our association.

Do you know foreign languages? Help us to translate texts in four different languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Make your language skills become a tool to bind the world together!

Are you an accountant or a notary? Propose to donate 5X1000 to Mani Tese.


Become a personal fundraiser

Collect funds with us by engaging family, friends and colleagues. Choose a project to fund, we will decide together an achievable goal and support you with information materials.


Business volunteering

Make your company supportive! Learn more about the different ways and contact us for more information.

Universal civil service

Civil service with Mani Tese Available locations: Milano, Bulciago (LC), Gorgonzola (MI), Padova, Treviso, Finale Emilia (MO) and Faenza (RA) DO CIVIL SERVICE WITH MANI TESE! CHANGE THE PRESENT AND REWRITE THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET. The volunteers doing Civil Service are citizens who choose for a year to increase their education and professionalism, while giving lend […]

For any information about how to become a volunteer ... 😉

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