Yoroto lives in Benin and is vice president of a group of women from the village of Tampègré and president of the union of women’s cooperatives in the village. The union brings together fourteen groups that carry out various activities, such as the transformation of cassava, shea, soybeans and peanuts.

Yoroto is calm, jovial, hardworking and prone to friendship both with the women of her native group and with the members of the Union of which she is president.

Illiterate, but intelligent and lucid, she never feels embarrassed to invoke discipline, if necessary with authority, but she is a woman with a heart of gold! Yoroto never ceases to let visitors know, from wherever they come, to what extent Mani Tese has positively changed the lives of women, their families, and even their communities, thanks to the various cassava transformation projects.

The difficulties during the period of food shortages, which raged every year from May to August, are now only a bad memory.

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