I am Viviana Galanti, and for just over two years, I have worked in Mani Tese in the Accounting and Finance Management Office.

It all started about 15 years ago, when in the Faculty of Statistical Sciences I began to learn about “international cooperation”. From this “meeting” came the desire to reconcile the passion for numbers to the desire to do something concrete to improve the quality of life of other populations.

One of the first calls for the civil service allowed me to start my experience with an NGO in Rome and to continue for the next 10 years to work there as head of administrative projects of education for development (in Italy) and international cooperation (in various countries of the world).

Those years were full of satisfactions, new knowledge, travels around the world and great personal and professional growth. I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes the fruits of the projects we carried out and above all the joy and desire to do even more for those people, who benefited from our projects.

For personal reasons I moved to Milan and here I started my experience with Mani Tese. The greatest motivation that keeps me working in this world is the satisfaction of seeing that this work “is good for something important”, it raises the quality of people, families and entire villages’ lives, and gives them hope for a better future.