My name is Valerio Bini, and I started working with Mani Tese in 1999, at the documentation center, because I was looking for an organization in which to carry on a battle against global imbalances and work concretely in support of the communities most affected by injustice.

In the following years I collaborated on several cooperation projects, especially in Burkina Faso and Benin. Since 2002, every year I have visited the association’s projects to observe their impact on the communities, ascertain the difficulties, discuss any improvements. In 2010 I joined the Board of Directors and in 2012 I was elected president with two successive mandates until November 2018.

In my life I am a geography researcher at the University of Milan, where I deal with development cooperation, environmental policies and African cities. I have also written a couple of books on these issues (Urbanization and territorial transformations in the Sahel; Development cooperation in Africa).

Upcoming challenges? A beautiful collaboration between the University and Mani Tese around a project in the Mau forest (Kenya) and the construction of a Federation that brings together all the realities of Mani Tese organized on the Italian territory.