My name is Valeria Schiavoni, and what led me on the road to Mani Tese was the belief that international cooperation is meaningless if done in a purely welfare-oriented way. What therefore initially caught my attention was the vision of justice with which this NGO tries to combine the projects of the South of the World with the awareness and responsibility of the lifestyle adopted by the citizens of the North of the world. This is still encouraging me to work in this Association today.

I believe that hunger cannot be fought in the suburbs of the globe, without facing up citizens of the richest countries and proposing solutions to the effects of the unbridled consumerism of those people. For these reasons, I work in the field of Global Citizenship Education, carrying out educational paths, aimed at students of all ages (outside and within schools) which involve them personally in the issues of our time, such as, the contradictions of the current dominant food system.

Working in the field of training, requires me a constant preparation: studying, researching, comparing sources, creating new ways to involve students.

What deeply motivates me is curiosity: by studying and confronting with students, I meet, I discover with them new ways to analyse and modify injustices. I believe deeply in long life learning, so in the idea that you are never too old to learn.