My name is Susanna Bontempi, In Mani Tese I deal with donors. 

After graduating in History, I met Mani Tese and applied for a civil service announcement in 2016: I was impressed by the values of environmental, economic and social justice that characterized the association. 

That year of civil service, like all good things, has flown quickly. I spent time in the fundraising office, where I had the opportunity to learn a job that I liked a lot. I did summer camps in Florence and Catania, in which I met the volunteers who act daily for their commitment for justice, and due to numerous participations in events and formations, I had the opportunity to open my eyes and then mind about alternative realities and ways of life. 

At the end of the year of civil service, there was a new beginning: first the collaboration for the Christmas campaign and now the activity about the relationship with donors. This position allows me to participate actively in the commitment for support the projects of Mani Tese and at the same time implementing relational and computer skills, with a proactive and precise attitude.