Hi! I am Sara de Simone and I am Mani Tese’s President since 25 November 2018.  

From 2015 until 2018, I was Mani Tese’s Vice-president. My history within Mani Tese began in 2004, when I was in high school and I was involved in a Development Education course on the exploitation of child work and children rights. After having attended this course, I decided to become a Mani Tese’s volunteer in Naples. Throughout the years, I worked in different fields such as: solidarity economy, development education (as civil servant in 2006/2007) and awareness campaigns. I was also involved in the organization of summer camps and in the implementation of many cooperation projects in South Sudan.   

In 2012, I was elected as part of the national Board of Directors of the association. My experience at Mani Tese also affected my career choices: I studied international cooperation at the UniversitàL’Orientale in Naples, I got a PhD in African studies and Political science and currently I am an international cooperation and African politics’ researcher at Trento University.  

Mani Tese and its commitment for justice are still playing a fundamental role in my life. With my everyday commitment, I try to pursue an ideal of a fairer world from social, economic and environmental perspective, not only in development countries but also in Italy, where inequalities and the need for positive social gathering are growing.