I am Samuele Degli Innocenti and I believe in Mani Tese. I graduated in Political Science with a thesis on emotional factors as triggers of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I have always been a Mani Tese volunteer at the Florence office. I started running around as a child in the market, then I did summer camps and annual activities such as education in schools on Mani Tese issues.

In 2017 I made my first trip to the Mani Tese projects in Kenya. An extraordinary trip that pushed me to dedicate myself even more to Mani Tese, arriving in 2018 to run for the Board of Directors of the NGO. In the meantime, I also followed with interest the nascent Mani Tese Federation.

I am now in my second term as a councillor of the NGO and my first as a councillor also on the Board of Directors of the Federation. I believe in the actions and ideas of Mani Tese not only as a tool to change the world but also to connect worlds that are far apart, not only on paper. The challenge now is to get out of this pandemic and come back even more to “leave the world better than we found it”, yes as a scout leader it is a very important goal!