My name is Rosario Raciti, I am 49 years old and I live in the province of Catania.

I have been working with Mani Tese since 1997, first as a volunteer, then as an operator of the local Mani Tese Sicilia and finally as president and operator of the social cooperative Ri-Mani.

I have been a member of the NGO Mani Tese since 2000 and since January 2022 I have the privilege of being part of the board of directors of the Mani Tese Federation, a place of exchange, contamination and enrichment between the various realities that make up the Mani Tese family.

I believe that the network of Mani Tese realities, present throughout the country, must be increasingly connected and implemented in order to express its full potential and it is in this direction that my commitment will go.