Hi, my name is Roberto ValgimigliI was born in Faenza, where I currently live. I graduated in economics with a master in economics of cooperation and NGOs. I am an office worker and I have always been interested in all the issues related to the third sector, solidarity and cooperation.   

I started my journey with Mani Tese in 2006. Over these past years, I was involved with the organization of many work and study camps for young people coming from all over Italy. During this experience, I had the opportunity to learn about social and environmental issues and I took part in the promotion of Mani Tese’s awareness campaigns.   

I also had the privilege and opportunity to visit some of Mani Tese’s projects in Burkina Faso and Kenya. Those experiences were extremely relevant for my personal growth and they allowed me to continue my activity with greater enthusiasm. They also made me even more aware of the importance of cooperation, which allows a global growth, fairer and sustainable.    

I strongly believe our modern global society is guided by the misconception that some people, for many reason, are more important than others. I want to fight against this false idea.