My name is Riccardo Rossella and two constants characterized my path: the instinctive curiosity for the world around me, and the commitment to improve it, as I can.

I first studied international relations at the University of Pavia, and then I moved to Torino to specialize in economics and politics of the environment, motivated by the conviction that respect for the natural limits of our planet should be placed at the centre of our way of life and thinking. Meanwhile I was engaged in various associations and voluntary organizations in Italy. I made the first experiences in the South of the world in Ecuador, Senegal and Indonesia and travelled as soon as I can.

At the end of the studies, I started to collaborate with the Italian Climate Network. I took care of the association’s relations with the European partners, I coordinated the first campaign for the disengagement from fossil sources launched in Italy, and I became more and more passionate about advocacy. At the same time, I worked in the Green Office of the University of Turin, dealing with awareness events and projects to improve waste management within the university.

The urge to spend time for those without rights because of the distortions of the current economic system led me to leave again for Ecuador, through civil service. There for a year I supported the work of UDAPT, the basic organization that brings together and represents the victims of the environmental disaster caused by the oil company Chevron-Texaco in the Amazon regions of the country.

It was a struggle for justice, supported also by Mani Tese, where I land to manage a project about the social and environmental impacts of the global supply chains of the clothing industry. I deeply share Mani Tese’s values and mission. I feel the privilege of working with people united by the same commitment to a world where equality, justice and sustainability do not remain distant goals, but become daily practice.