Orou Kayo is a town about ten kilometers west of the city of Kouandé, along the road that leads to Natitingou (Benin). Paul Batayerima, an agroecological producer, lives and works there. His farm is located in the brousse, 4km from the village.

Paul’s story began between 1992 and 1993 within a group of young farmers trained at the Tampègré Rural Promotion Center (CPRT) supported by Mani Tese, of which Paul was part.

After completing his training, Paul decided to return to his native village to practice the profession learned at CPRT, that of the agroecological producer.

The difficulties that Paul has had to face along this path have been innumerable, but the aspiring producer has never lost heart and today he has become one of the major vegetable producers in the Atacora department who has decided to use only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides for his crops of tomatoes and other vegetables.

In addition to agricultural activity, Paul has also recently started fish farming. It has two tanks, one of which has been populated with catfish fry since January, and its fish are growing very well. They will be fished from June 20 and sold on the local market.

These activities allow Paul, who is married and father of four children, to support his family and to have three of his children study in a private secondary school in Natitingou.

Today Paul lives of his profession and this makes him very proud. He has become a reference person in the department of Atacora and beyond: every year he hosts in his lands some agricultural students from state universities who want to learn the practice in the field and he is one of the leaders of the regional association of vegetable producers of Atacora-Donga.


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