My name is Paolo Greco and I have always been passionate about volunteering and social activities. During the 1960sI was involved in many activities related to: after school projects, cooperatives, association that provided help for people suffering from panic attacks. I started my professional life working for a labor Union and then I become a university professor of Labor Law. After 42 years of working activities, I retired, also because I did not want to be part of a category that was not involved in social activities anymore.  

I met Mani Tese twenty years ago, when I started studying globalization. I immediately liked the willingness, the commitment and the value of Renato Briganti and of the Naples group. Moreover, I thought that committing myself to achieve justice would have been important to guide cleverly the globalization process.  

I think that one of the most valuable Mani Tese’sasset it that it is a volunteering association, a place where open dialogue guides global development and life improvement of all.  

In Mani Tese, I primarily focus on the organization of social gathering events and on their communication. My goal is to increase the awareness of the urgent need to change our current development model.