My name is Micol Dell’Oro, I was born in 1979 and I joined Mani Tese when I was 18, as a volunteer in the Bulciago group (in the province of Lecco).

A few years later I became a member, always continuing with my commitment as a volunteer in the local group and also managing to do a year of community service.

I have had many experiences with Mani Tese: from selling second-hand goods to participating in awareness-raising campaigns, from work camps to organising film forums, from door-to-door collection to a trip to Brazil to find out about the projects, from “Trash à Porter” fashion shows to Global Citizenship Education in the schools in my area.

Being part of Mani Tese has made me grow and formed me as a person and as a citizen, encouraging me to try to put our values into practice in every aspect of my life, from my private life to my work life.