My name is Michele Bernacchini and I deal with the administrative management of inclusion and awareness projects.

From Ancona, I moved to Milan to work with Mani Tese after a degree in International Cooperation and several years spent volunteering and working in Italy and abroad.

I have worked in projects aimed at protecting rights in different roles and then I started to take an interest in numbers and budgets, but above all, I am interested in the stories and paths they tell. People are my main interest and the beneficiaries of the projects are always at the heart of my professional goals.

Curiosity has opened me up to the world and travelling has become an indispensable requirement for knowledge, exploration and encounter with others and with other worlds. From there the desire to work for an NGO that wants to link these worlds and to make them a more welcoming place.

I cannot live without my bike, it gives me happiness and freedom that makes me breathe.