For some years Mèmounatou Sounon Kpera has been the president of the group of women who produce and transform cassava in the village of Maka, Benin, and also the vice-president of the Union of cooperatives of women who transform cassava in the municipality of Kouande.

She is a shy and reserved person, but the activities of production, transformation and marketing of products derived from cassava (gari and tapioca) have helped her to acquire more and more self-confidence, so much so that today she no longer hesitates to express herself in public.

The experience that most transformed her, however, was the journey of exchange of experiences in Burkina Faso: her interventions were considered relevant and worthy of admiration and she was very impressed by the sense of dignity and personality of the sisters Burkinabé. So, once she returned to Benin, she urged all the companions of her group and those of the union of cooperatives to be inspired by the combativeness of Burkinabé women.

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