My name isGiuseppe Stanganello.  

I think that trying to give a meaning to our existence may be very difficult and it is something that we try to do every day. We do that, even without completely realizing it, throughout our behaviors that metaphorically fill a box measured by the time.  

During the shift between study age and work age, our perception of time changes. We feel like time slips away from our hands and we understand how much is important to live our time in the best way possible.   

To me, the best way possible to spend my time is to attend the general assembly, work at the thrift store, take part to solidarity aperitifs, be involved in the “Much more than a gift” initiative or in Mani Tese’s studywork camps.  

Mani Tese is not only a place where you can express your civil commitment, it is a big family, full of ideas, projects, values and guided by a commitment for justice that is the core of every initiative of our Association.  

Making the decision to spend part of our free time on civil engagement is always difficult, especially today when individual interests prevail over the common interest. However, for those who decides to do so, I think that they best express Giorgio Gaber’s refrain “Freedom is Participation”. 

Being involved in Mani Tese’s activities means to me to fill my box with beautiful things!