My name is Giuseppe Stanganello and I am President of Mani Tese.

I think that trying to give a meaning to our existence may be very difficult and it is something that we try to do every day. We do that, even without completely realizing it, throughout our behaviors that metaphorically fill a box measured by the time.  

Taking part in the general assembly, the thrift store, the solidarity aperitifs, Much more than a gift” initiative, the Mani Tese work/study camps, through to my experience as a councillor on the Board of Directors and now as its President is a beautiful and important way for me to live part of my time.

Mani Tese is not only a place where you can express your civil commitment, it is a big family, full of ideas, projects, values and guided by a commitment for justice that is the core of every initiative of our Association.  

Consciously participating in the activities of Mani Tese means filling your own box with beautiful things.
As President, it also means taking up the new social and environmental challenges, countering the worsening of inequality and poverty with a renewed commitment to a better and fairer society.