Hi, my name is Giulia Inguaggiato and for several years I have been dealing with the protection of the rights of migrants and refugees. My passion for this sector, complex and fascinatingwas born during my university years, following the courseAsylum law and constitutional status of the foreigner“. With a thesis on issues related to European border control policies, I graduated from the Faculty of Law and started forensic practice, collaborating with law firms that dealt with international protection. The contextual voluntary activity carried out at the Legal Clinic for Human Rights of the University of Palermo has given me the opportunity to deal with other problems, such as those related to residence permits and entry visas, family reunification and expulsions. 

The PhD that started in 2015 played a decisive role in my personal and professional life. Three years of research on the relationship between migration, climate change and the protection of human rights have rekindled a desire that I have felt for some time: to leave and work in the countries where migratory flows originate. Despite having, in the meantime, passed the state exam for the qualification to practice the profession of lawyer, I got back into the game, I attended the Master in International Cooperation held by the Institute for International Political Studies and I left for Cambodia, where I dealt with trafficked Cambodian migrants. 

Finallyall these experiencesunited by the awareness that the protection and enjoyment of rights cannot depend on the geographical place where individuals are lucky enough to be born, led me to Guinea-Bissau. Here, with Mani Tese, I work to sensitize the population on the risks of irregular migration and promote a conscious and safer migration.