My name is Giulia Donnici, and it all started here. I was still a university student when, in 2006, I arrived in Mani Tese as an intern. It was my first experience in international cooperation and I immediately thought it was the most beautiful and interesting job in the world. Thanks to the internship, I got close and passionate to the topic of corporate social responsibility that I then investigated in Brazil for the university thesis. Once I got my degree in international cooperation, I returned in Mani Tese with the first contract as a co-operator. 

After 5 years in Brazil and 3 years in Myanmar, to follow projects for environmental protection, prevention of violence, sustainable agriculture and corporate social responsibility, here I am again in Milan. Right at Mani Tese where this my path started. Since July 2016, I deal with writing and managing cooperation projects that often take me to distant countries. 

After years of travelling, not only for work but also for pleasure, I have become an expert in packing and I never miss my scotch.