I am Giovanni Sartor, graduated in Political Sciences with a thesis on political transition in Senegal. Once I finished my studies I immediately began to deal with “the world” and for three and a half years I worked as head of a shelter for migrants, asylum seekers and foreign students.

In 2000 I left for Kenya where I remained almost seven years as coordinator of several projects in the socio-economic field first as Representative Country and then as Regional Manager of Caritas Italia.

After three years in Rome, as Africa Responsible, again, in Caritas Italia, I arrived in Mani Tese in May 2010 with the task of referent person from the Milan office for projects in Africa. Since 2014, I am the head of the International Cooperation Area.

Sensitive from a young age to socio-political issues with a particular attention to international dynamics; I am conscientious objector, Scout and I believe in the civic commitment that I try to practice in the simplicity of everyday life and in the context in which I live. I am married to Maria Chiara with whom I am “growing together” with two our beautiful girls.

Through my work in Mani Tese I try to make available the professional skills developed with studies and years of experience especially in Africa and with the populations of this wonderful continent. It is an opportunity for human and professional growth thanks especially to the people who I meet and the places I can know; it is a commitment, it is a life choice for a more fair and supportive world.