My name is Giacomo Petitti di Roreto, and to make it short, the heart of my job is to guide young people aged between zero and ninety-nine years on their path to become global citizens.

It is a road that passes through the recognition of complexity, the understanding of the interdependence between environment, economy and society, the indignation for fundamental rights still denied to millions of people and the rediscovery that the actions and thoughts of all matter more than they let us believe.

You write Global Citizenship, but you read processes of activation of social networks and educational/formative pathways for students, teachers, activists, volunteers and educators.
I have a degree in Political Sciences, but in recent years, I have explored the issue of facilitating participatory processes and strengthening techniques of territorial networks.

I know and practice different methodologies that have become part of my toolbox and that I like to combine in each context I find myself. I am addicted to posters and post-it: I walk always with markers in my backpack, alternating the simplest methods with the most elaborate technologies. The approach, however, is always the same: maieutic; I believe that groups and people already possess the resources to grow and evolve, as Paulo Freire teaches, with the mediation of the world.

In this spirit, I work as head of Education and Training Area and the Environmental Justice Programme of Mani Tese, two aspects of a single commitment to orient our intelligences towards the era of collaboration.