I am Gabriella Patriziano, born in Basilicata and resident in Milan since some years, after various life and work experiences in Italy and abroad.

Incurable dreamer, I was lucky to be able to combine my passion for the world, mountain books, travel, cycling and climbing with my study and work, which allowed me to live different experiences that, over the years, have brought me closer to the world of international cooperation, human rights and Global Citizenship Education.

My studies start at the University of Bologna, with the graduation in the sciences of education, then I obtained a master’s degree in human rights and politics of the EU at the University of Roma3, and finally I got an international diploma in the teaching of human rights at the René Cassin International Institute for Human Rights in Strasbourg. I have experienced work and volunteering in Madagascar, Palestine, Angola, Tanzania and in various European countries, both as project managers of educational projects with a focus on children and adolescents, and as a trainer on different related topics, in particular, the world of youth, which led me to strengthen my skills and my interest in the world of NGOs.

This path finally, has allowed me to arrive at the Education and Training area of Mani Tese, with which I have collaborated indirectly during the last four years. I share its values, its spirit and its ideology that are translated into activism, commitment, justice and care. I am proud to give my contribution to Mani Tese.