My name is Federica Granata, I am twenty-two years old and I started volunteering with Mani Tese about six years ago, on the advice of one of my high school teachers.

I liked, and still like, the idea of being able to do something concrete in the social field, and Mani Tese gave me the opportunity to try.

I entered, initially, with the Christmas campaign “Much more than a gift”, which allowed me to meet other volunteers: some beginners like me, others now very experienced.

I became so fond of the association, I inquired about Mani Tese projects, already completed and in the future.

Dedicating myself to volunteering has helped me temperamentally: to open myself up to others, to approach a world that is sometimes different from mine and has always pushed me to get involved.

I tied myself to Mani Tese also thanks to the people I met, volunteers and non-volunteers, who show every day that they can be of help to others, albeit with a small gesture.

It is an experience that I recommend to do, if you have the opportunity, because, alongside the satisfaction that the achievement of a project can give, there is always and in any case an enrichment and personal satisfaction.