My name is Erica Beuzer. I graduated in Psychology at the University of Padua when passion for anthropology in Italy could only be expressed by picking a couple of subjects from different faculties. That’s how my dissertation led me to the first longed-for experience in the world, anthropology applied to cooperation in the field of traditional medicines in rural El Salvador, where I met brave and resilient people in a country arising from years of a cruel civil war. Sharing a few months of life with refugee families, female fighters, traditional and non-traditional healers, civil society organizations, has been a confrontation with a strong and supportive humanity, with poverty and with the terrible violations of human rights but also with the capacity of dreaming, struggling and reconstructing.

Upon returning to Italy, I had no doubts about what I wanted to do in the following years. Suitcase in hand, in the last 18 years I have collaborated with people and organizations in international cooperation interventions in very different geographical and cultural areas: from Palestine to Sri Lanka, from Nepal to Syria and Lebanon, through Mozambique, Angola and Brazil. I coordinated teams and interventions in contexts of environmental catastrophe or armed conflict, as well as rural, environmental and educational development actions. Sometimes I feel a bit like the Blade Runner replicant when he says “I’ve seen things that you humans …” and I think that’s a huge privilege.

During the most recent years, I have been dedicating myself to deepen topics related to human and enviromental sustainability, to agro-ecology, to herbal medicine and in general terms to the coexistence of people and communities with the territories they live in.

It is with this large coloured suitcase that my path now crosses that of Mani Tese with the task of coordinating activities in Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. A job that allows me to offer my experience and professional competence and at the same time to enrich it with new meetings and approaches.