My name is Elias Gerovasi and after graduating in Political Sciences with an international orientation, I began my experience in international cooperation in the Balkans where I worked on behalf of the United Nations and the OSCE in the Department of Human Rights of the Humanitarian Mission in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

Three years later, I collaborated in Uganda with UNDP for the development of rural economy and environmental protection projects. In Italy since 2004 I have been in Mani Tese as head of development projects in the African continent, since 2010 I have been in the International Cooperation Area. Today I am involved in the design and development of partnerships. Since 2011, my blog “Info Cooperation” is a reference point on the web, for operators and volunteers involved in development cooperation. In 2015, I founded “Open Cooperation”, an open-ended portal dedicated to the transparency and accountability of NGOs and other actors of international cooperation and humanitarian aid.

On behalf of Mani Tese I sit in the board of Concord Italia, in the National Council of the Association of Italian Organizations of International Cooperation and Solidarity (AOI) and in the National Council for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.