I am Domenica Mazza, I met Mani Tese due to a work camp, more than 10 years ago. It was love at first sight and in short time from camp-volunteer I became a camp organizer, from volunteer I became volunteer organizer. I should say, I reached out and Mani Tese changed my life. 

What did I do before? A degree in sociology, the civil service, various works in defence of human rights, the coordination of a project about lifestyles, the collaboration with a social cooperative, carrying out research on sustainability issues.I also followed some of my passion by graduating in sign language, writing stories for childhood, taking part in a thousand courses on the most diverse themes. I try not to be indifferent, but to look beyond appearance and have critical thought. Thanks to the films seen, the books read, the journeys and experiences made, I am here after so many years, satisfied about what I do and the projects realized. 

The road was long from the small and lovely village of in Basilicata to Milan, passing through Rome, Venice and Florence, but this is another story…