I am Clara Castellucci (also known as Titta), I was born in Milan over 30 years ago and I have a master degree in Languages and Cultures for International Communication. Communication has always been my passion, even before it became my job. In the early 2000sI got close to Mani Tese and I found very interesting its power to engage people to fight for relevant causes such as the exploitation of child labor, poverty and inequalities between north and south of the world. Since then, I never stopped studying the third sector, I spend many hours volunteering (I was involved in many projects such as: flea markets, Christmas gift packages projects, charity dinners and African craftsmanship) and I worked at first on CSR, then with immigrants, on institutional communication and I was also involved in the organization of major events.  

Moreover, I was involved in the organization of many awareness-raising campaign, first with Mani Tese and then with many other associations such as Arci Milano, Fondazione ABIO Italia and Area Ridef. I am currently working as a consultant and giving assistance to companies on their communication projects and their development.  

I strongly believe that sharing is extremely important. I also believe that social entrepreneurship and investing in valuable and sustainable projects can make the difference. Finally, I believe that volunteering should be, as it is, one of the most important resource for the implementation of social causes.  

I am also Nina’s mom since 2014, but this… is another story.