My name is Chiara Cecotti, I met Mani Tese at my first work camp in 1982 in Treviso, I was 18 years old. In September of that year, we founded the Treviso Group, in which I am still volunteering: many fields, many tents, many conferences, many meetings and many train trips to meet the other volunteers of Mani Tese and participate in the construction of the Association in those years. 

My professional career with Mani Tese begins in 1989 in the group office, 18 days after graduating in Political Science… a lucky one! I’m still here.In these 28 years names, objectives, challenges, mates have changed, I have changed too, a husband, two daughters, a son, a volunteer in the administration of my city, a choir, endless days of full hours, but I am still travelling and have meetings with volunteers and colleagues! 

After all this time I continue to believe in this work and working here is still a privilege and an incredible source of human and professional treasure. Today I work in the voluntary and civil service area; I think Mani Tese continues to show that it can change the world, with the courage to experiment and deep roots on which to rely!