I imagine a world where cultures can live in one embrace. I imagine a country that can promote peace, coexistence, attention and respect for nature and for individuals. I imagine all this, but not only that, I’ve always tried to live for this.

My name is Camilla Biondi, and in Mani Tese, I work in private fundraising.

My life is a journey that has led me to discover and love diversity, to consider it a value, to seek it, to find in different cultures and stories an added value, the starting point to do something every day for a better and fairer world. More open. That is why after studying communication, marketing and fundraising, I let curiosity and the desire for knowledge to guide me on my journey from Milan to Finland, from Ferrara to London.

These experiences changed me, they made me grow, they tested me, and why not sometimes even a little intimidated. However, they certainly strengthened in me the passion for social commitment, civic sense and volunteering that I have carried out with activities for the community. I have always tried to be that positive drop in the ocean.

The sea is my home, my family, where I grew up, where I always return with my spirit of freedom to which I will never give up. Nature gives the meaning of life, protecting it is a duty of everyone. Loving nature gives me balance and peace of mind. In my journey, I found the passion for sport, such as yoga, as caresses for mind and body.

This journey led me up to Mani Tese, where passion became work. Where a dream has also become daily result, satisfaction, achievement. Where believing in equality is a shared value. Where culture, education and knowledge become an antidote to injustice and discrimination every day.

Transforming the dream of my life into reality and into daily commitment is enriching me every day. In an age of boundaries, all we have left is the power of love, a universal language, that we sometimes forget, but we all are able to speak. That language brought me here on my life’s journey across borders.