My name is Bruno Grande and I grew up between the oratory and the football fields of Lambrate, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Milan. Also in Lambrate I did all the schools, so I enrolled in the degree course in Modern Letters at the University of Milan. 

Since I was a boy my passion was writing, so between one story and anotherduring my studies, I opened a blog on what I knew better: Lambrate, of course. It was an opportunity to learn as a “self-taught” to write in a style suitable for the web, to apply SEO copywriting techniques and to promote content on social networks. 

After completing my studies it was therefore natural to start working at creative and web marketing agencies where I could make my writing and storytelling skills available, increasing my experience and expanding my knowledge in the field of online communication. 

After almost five years spent in three different agencieshowever, in May 2018 I resigned, ending a permanent contract and giving up an excellent salary and various company benefits. I realized that the energy and efforts made in the work were not offset by personal motivations and satisfactions. I felt within me the strong need to change lifestyle and personal goals. 

This awareness led me to the decision to leave for Spainwhere I collaborated with a local NGO as part of an international volunteering project. It was an opportunity for me to make my communication skills available to promote the activities of an NGO that worked a lot with young people from the suburbs, a social category that I knew very well. 

Upon returning from this trip I applied for the position of Social Media & Communication Specialist for Mani Tese and now I have the pride and great opportunity to work daily for a commitment to justice.