Selling fictitious needs to the next and offering equally fictitious solutions to satisfy them“.

This was the motto laid at the foundation of my career until the twenty eight year mark.

Alessia Bianchi, originally from Como, graduated in Milan in Telecommunication Management & Economics, I lived on / off between the United Arab Emirates and Italy from 2012 to 2018 dealing with corporate advertising planning with a focus on luxury goods, in particular jewelry.

Then I had a well-started career path in front of me, focused on my daily challenges, the work routine and the growth I had set myself. Everything perfect, on paper. – Actually, something was missing.

The true meaning of my existence, the ability and the opportunity to feel part of this Humanity, its strengths and weaknesses, its dreams and illusions, its humility and its ambition. I lived the Incompleteness and felt the urge to find an answer to a nagging question, “Is that all? Is this all there is to know? To do? Waking up in the morning, leaving the house and working eight hours a day in the office, going out on the weekend, seeing friends and colleagues for an aperitif or dinner, going to the cinema, an exhibition, attending events and parties and finally closing eyes and falling asleep… and then repeating everything the next day and the next day again?”. Yes, I had all this. My life was a “normal” one; like that of my neighbor, my best friend, my hairdresser, my former teacher.

Normal. – Happy? Yes enough. – Fully lived? – No.

In April 2018 I decided to start again from this latter awareness and to dedicate the rest of my days to those to whom Destiny had not given the opportunity to lead a life as “normal” as mine.

I started my journey within the international cooperation in the Emirates, where I stayed for a year and a half dealing with communication and project management. The step I took turned out to be the Right one. I found myself in the Right “place” to do the Right thing, for the Neighbor and, consequently, for myself.

Today, years after that choice, my arrival in Mani Tese, together with an idea of Communication & Marketing on a human scale, interaction with people guided by my same values and the concrete promise of a better world, made of justice and historic dedication, they push me to say: “yes, my life, now, is truly happy and fully lived”.