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Thanks to the "Nourrir Ouaga" competition within the framework of the Enterprises in Burkina Faso project, Arsène Gambo has set up a very successful business. Read his testimony.


About 8 months have passed since February 2021, when we awarded prizes to 5 young talents from Ouagadougou for their innovative ideas in the agri-food sector within the framework of the project “Innovative social enterprises and migrants’ participation for social inclusion in Burkina Faso” co-financed by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency and the Maria Enrica Foundation. 8 months in which the winners of the “Nourrir Ouaga” competition were able to develop their ideas thanks to the contribution obtained from the project.

And it is with great joy that a few days ago we received this message from one of the winners: “Good evening, I am Arsène Gambo, winner of the Nourrir Ouaga competition. With this message I would like to express my gratitude to you, to the municipality of Ouagadougou and to all those who organised the competition. It will soon be a year since we benefited from the award and today I have good news, because thanks to this competition you have enabled me to go beyond my limits and open a business. If I have been able to do all this today, it is thanks to the outcome of the competition, which among other things has boosted my self-confidence, brought me visibility, enabled me to create a network of acquaintances and many other things. For all of this I would like to say thank you for your support. Thank you for all that you do for young people and the development of the country. All this will remain in the history of the company and will be a testimony for other young people”.

Arsène (or rather, we should now say engineer Arsène Gambo, since he has just graduated!) is the perfect example of what a young person, with a little initial help and a lot of good will, can achieve: his innovative idea, which has now become a business idea, is based on the distribution of vegetable production kits for domestic use. Using very simple, cheap and easily available materials, Arsène helps families to self-produce the vegetables they need for home consumption (from onions to tomatoes, from aubergines to aromatic herbs) using a drop-by-drop irrigation system.

Arsène also provides 24-hour assistance via Whatsapp and there is in fact a group (Family Vegetables Growers-FVG) in which simple technical sheets and explanatory videos are shared on how to improve production or solve any problems. Arsène’s initiative has been so successful that from the 8 experimental families in Ouagadougou, where he was able to start thanks to the funding of the competition, customers are now multiplying in many other towns and villages, which is why his idea has turned into a real business and we couldn’t be prouder! We wish Arsène and his enterprise every success and hope that his enthusiasm and initiative will be an example to many other young men and women.

A photo of Arsène (left) during the award ceremony of the “Nourrir Ouaga” competition:

Some photos of the horticultural production kits:

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