by SARA GIANESINI, Coordinator of the project “Integration of asylum seekers and Senegalese refugees”

North Cacheu, border with Casamance, the region of Senegal scene of a conflict, since 1982, that is still unresolved today.
Since the events of 6 January 2018, in which 13 people were brutally killed, the clashes between the Senegalese army and the rebels of the independence group of Casamance have started again.

We at Mani Tese, present in the area since 2017, do not lose the will to stand by the border communities that host the Senegalese refugees who have fled over the years from this forgotten and unreported conflict.

Mani Tese staff started in this area with many difficulties and problems. A year of knowledge, of daily gaining confidence and familiarity with the same communities, but today we can report many positive and surprising results. Vegetables, eggs, chicks, small shops and commercial activities are some of the positive fruits that the project team has strongly and persistently carried out so far.

The project still sees us alongside the communities to support the community subsistence and autonomy as part of the strategy for the protection of the communities hosting Senegalese refugees.

When we go to Sougototo, Edjaten, Capal and Barraca Biro and we see 40 and more people who are industrious and tireless under the sun to irrigate the community gardens; when you see in people’s eyes the will for things to improve; when they tell you that women also sleep at night next to the vegetable gardens because they don’t want to lose the harvest, words are useless.

The horticultural campaign is in full swing and the fruits of the earth are proof of the work of irrigation, care and natural fertilization for the promotion of an organic crop as a model of sustainability. We all in São Domingos are waiting for the crops to ripen to be able to rejoice with the communities, we will keep you updated!

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I am Sara Gianesini, graduated in Public Relations and Communication. After 6 years in the private sector, in the commercial and marketing sector, I decided for my personal attitude and strong ethical choice to dedicate myself to the world of international cooperation. After some important experiences in Brazil and Africa and many doubts about the professional and human future to take, today […]

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Integration of asylum seekers and Senegalese refugees

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