In Burkina Faso we are committed to fighting child malnutrition and improving the nutrition of rural families through the “Project for the improvement of the nutritional conditions of women and children in the health districts of Garango and Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso“, co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and led by the NGO AES-CCC.

After the story of Adissa and her nephew, today we want to tell you the story of Safiata Zoure, rice producer and mother of 4 children, who we met in April to evaluate the impact of the project on her life and that of his children.

When we arrive at Safiata’s house, she is preparing a meal with rice that she worked in the Gargou processing center, made during the first year of the project. Before starting to cook, Safiata fetches water from a rudimentary well and rinses the rice to remove the last residues of dust from the grains. A small daily action, but which we understand to be very tiring. As soon as he sees us, Safiata warmly welcomes us and offers us some water.

“My name is Safiata Zoure, I am 36 years old and 4 children – she tells us – I live in the village of Gargou and for some months I have been working in the rice processing center built by Mani Tese. Here in particular we deal with the etuvage of rice, that is a steam pre-cooking, which maintains the nutritional properties of the rice.”

“I have always transformed rice with a lot of commitment and sacrifices – continues Safiata – but my life and that of my family remained tiring and difficult. Now, thanks to the project, it is much better because we have increased production and I am able to have enough rice not only for daily consumption but also for sale in the markets. With the proceeds I can pay school, medical examinations for my children and I can also buy some new clothes.”

“I hope my children have a good future and that one day they can become teachers, doctors, policemen or, why not, they can work rice like me – concludes Safiata – I also hope that all African women can have the same luck as me. and the opportunity to work and increase their income to be independent and to give their children a future.”

Today, Mother’s Day, give a gift to a woman like Safiata: donate now to fight malnutrition and create income opportunities in Burkina Faso:https://www.manitese.it/en/project/improvement-nutritional-conditions-women-and-children

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