There are days I will never forget here in Guinea Bissau. Certainly the organization of the first community debate to raise awareness on illegal immigration and the showing of the documentary.

The first of 12 community djumbai (this is how the debates are called here in Guinea) involved the suburb “Cape Verde”, on the road to Bafatà. It is one of the neighborhoods that demonstrates the rapid and uncontrolled urban expansion of a growing town in the face of a more intense rural exodus each year. Many of these young people in fact come from neighboring villages in the city hoping to earn something through small businesses. Many of the families benefiting from the project lived in more distant sectors (Boé and Pirada).

The goal of the projections and of the “djumbai” is to raise awareness among young people about the risks of illegal immigration and the opportunities that their territory has to offer (agriculture first of all).

We are trying. And the first comments on our activities are very positive!

Follow the next posts to know the comments of people at the djumbai and the shows!

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