At the end of 2020, together with the Mani Tese Finale Emilia Social Promotion Association and the social tailoring Manigolde, we launched the “Mending the future” project in Guinea-Bissau, funded by the Modena Foundation and the European Union.

Now the project is also an exhibition, open until Friday 10 September, at the SpazioF of the Modena Foundation. Through the history of some of Manigolde‘s tailoring garments, photographs and books, you will make a journey into ethical and sustainable fashion and know more about the project itself.

“In Antula, an area of ​​Bissau, tailoring courses have begun – the Manigolde tell us – 27 women victims of gender violence participate, and they can access the facility alternating training moments with the production of clothing, bags, backpacks and glove boxes”.

“Just today, 7th September 2021, we will meet the Mani Tese women, operators and co-workers in Guinea-Bissau to start awareness-raising activities and collaborate in the creation of a product that narrates the sartorial twinning between Italy and Guinea-Bissau”.

We are therefore waiting for you, until the 10th September, at the SpazioF of the Modena Foundation which is located in Modena, in via Emilia 285.

Here are some photos of the exhibition and tailoring courses in Guinea-Bissau:

Tailoring garments by Manigolde
Tailoring garments by Manigolde
A woman part of the project in Guinea-Bissau (© Andrea Santopaolo)
The group of participant to the tailoring course in Guinea-Bissau (© Andrea Santopaolo)
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