The context

The Republic of Benin is a West African country, ranked 163 out of 188 countries in the 2018 Human Development Index.

The project is concentrated in the Atacorà department, located in the north-west, on the border with Togo and Burkina Faso, and in particular in 3 villages in the municipality of Natitingou.

The municipality of Natitingou (80,892 inhabitants in 2019) is characterized by a rugged elevation, consisting of the Atacorà chain, plateaus and hills.

Access to drinking water is a critical situation in Natitingou. Its lack obliges the vast majority of families to obtain supplies from natural waterways (streams, swamps, ponds, rivers, etc.). In these courses, however, other activities are also carried out: the laundry is done, other materials and food are washed, and the livestock drink from these sources.

This situation has serious consequences for health. In fact, waterborne diseases are very common in the area.

Department of Atacorà, municipality of Natitingou, Benin

Natitingou, Benin

The Objectives

The project intends to facilitate access to drinking water for the population of the municipality of Natitingou, raise awareness of the correct management and consumption of water resources and contribute to the reduction of waterborne diseases.

Project Details



Department of Atacorà, municipality of Natitingou, Benin,


3.413 villagers of Natitingou

The Activities
  1. Partial rehabilitation of the wells foreseen in the village of Koudengou where there are 3 wells not working due to problems with the pumping system. The intervention involves the replacement of the entire pumping system.
  2. Total rehabilitation of the wells planned in the villages of Têtantè and Ditanhon. The wells are dry, therefore, in addition to replacing the pumping system, it is necessary to search for the aquifer through a new drilling. Furthermore, all the structures on the surface are to be reconstructed.
  3. Construction of a new well with pump designed to supply drinking water to the neighboring districts of Tchirimina north and Sontchirantikou in the town of Natitingou. The geophysical study of the area is foreseen, and then proceeding with the drilling, followed by the work for the installation of the pumping system and for the construction of the surface structure.
  4. Management of wells through a process of raising awareness of the communities on the importance of the use of drinking water and wells. A local management committee will then be set up and organized for each well in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the well itself, of ensuring compliance with the hygiene rules and of collecting a monetary contribution (equal to approx. € 0.15 / month per family) to allow adequate maintenance of the water point.

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