The context

We are in Mugello, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, a place of enchanting landscapes that invite you to hike and discover nature. Here the wooded and mountainous areas, partially abandoned and therefore available, the desire to revive them, an effective hospitality policy of the Tuscany region, and the tireless presence of our local partner (the Association Le C.A.S.E.) represent the ideal context in which this intervention takes place.


Mugello, Borgo San Lorenzo, FI, Italia

The Objectives

The project, lasting 12 months, aims to offer a highly individualized training and accompaniment, designed to create the conditions for the effective integration in local agricultural holdings of asylum-seeking migrants and detainees on trial. Many of the potential beneficiaries present learning problems in a classroom context, both for language and attention reasons. The project stems from 4 years of experimentation, in which reception centres and family houses have networked with small farms in the area, offering the opportunity for practical courses in horticulture.

Project Details





300 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as prisoners under trial

The Activities
  • Theoretical-practical course aimed at the acquisition of a basic kit preparatory to the entry into the labour market of 104 hours (food safety, first aid, fire safety, citizenship, computer science, techniques of active search of the job).
  • Theoretical-practical course in horticulture, for which need a motor cultivator and a small greenhouse of 50 m² to use as nursery.
  • In-company training, assisted by an expert in the evaluation of learning and skills, which will follow the whole path with the support of structured cards shared with the company tutors.
  • Accompaniment to job placement and/or further targeted training, with the support of a counsellor/companion.