The context

Rulli Frulliis a band that grew in difficult circumstances such as those of the earthquake that hit Emilia Romagna in 2012. It includes seventy children aged between eight and thirty. Fifteen of them are young people with disabilities (autism and Down syndrome).

The story of Mani Tese and Rulli Frulli begins in 2010 and is strengthened in 2012. The group was born before within the Fondazione Scuola di Musica Andreoli in Mirandola, from the idea of a young teacher, Federico Alberghini: to make playing together kids with and without disabilities using percussion.

Gradually the project expands and the Rulli Frulli becomes a travelling band with musical instruments made with reused materials, which combines the message of integration with that of sustainability.

Then, in 2012, the earthquake happened. The Municipality of Finale Emilia, without a seat due to the shocks, moves to the Music School taking away its own rehearsal room from the Rulli Frulli band.

It is at this point that Mani Tese intervenes. The association realizes in Finale, through a fundraiser, a heated tensile structure able to accommodate the band allowing it to continue the musical activity.

From this moment, the project Rulli Frulli expands enormously. The boys increase day by day until reaching seventy elements of different age and skill. The stock of tools increases in an explosion of creative recycling.

In 2013 Mani Tese, again through a fundraiser, restructures a space of about 150 sqm inside its headquarters of Finale Emilia, earthquake-resistant and meeting all safety criteria, to assigne it to the Rulli Frulli, as a new rehearsal room. At the same time, the association grants children the use its laboratories for the construction of musical instruments.

Today the band Rulli Frulli counts several elements coming now not only from Finale Emilia. The band is more and more popular and has involved schools. Moreover the “Rulli Frullini” were born, children from 4 to 7 years, of all abilities.

In 2016 the Rulli Frulli play at the Concert of 1° May and are guests at the program “Stasera Casa Mika”. In 2017 they release their new album “Il mare dalla luna” which sees the participation of many Italian musicians and artists.


Via per Camposanto, 7/a, Finale Emilia, MO, Italia

The Objectives

The main project’s objective is the renovation of the space dedicated for the Band RulliFrulli in the headquarters of Mani Tese Finale Emilia, in order to obtain a room that will be used mainly for the design, planning and construction of musical instruments from recycled material. The growing number of members of the band, in fact, requires an extension of the spaces dedicated to the activity. There will also be a project about the creation of a web radio (further planning under sharing).

Project Details



Finale Emilia,


70 youngsters between 8 and 30 years old

The Activities

The planned activities concern the renovation of part of the building already present, the arrangement of the roof, heating system, windows and fixtures and flooring.

The intervention is aimed at maintaining the anti-seismic nature of the whole site that will be carried out with the appropriate parameters.

The new site will be the bearer of new initiatives where the activity carried out will amplify the ability to overcome the barriers of the different abilities, thanks to the forces of the group. It will be an aggregate place open not only to the activities of the band but also for external visitors (campers, students of different order and degree, scout groups and others).

Project Partners: