In these photos we show you the regenerated soil of three communities in the province of Zambezia where our FOREST Project is underway before and after our intervention.

By applying the main techniques of conservation agriculture – that is, minimal soil alteration, permanent soil cover and crop rotation – it was in fact possible to regenerate soil fertility in a few months.

Soil health is also very important when it comes to tackling climate change, as the FAO definition states:

“By ‘soil health’ we mean its ability to function as a living system. Healthy soil maintains a diverse community of organisms that help control plant diseases, insects and weeds, form useful symbiotic associations with roots, recycle essential nutrients, improve soil structure with beneficial effects on capacity of the latter to retain water and nutrients and, ultimately, to improve agricultural production. Furthermore, healthy soil contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change, maintaining or increasing its carbon content”.

(SOURCE: www.fao.org/3/b-i4405o.pdf FAO, 2015)

Ginama, Mozambique – Before and after our intervention
Maiza, Mozambique – Before and after our intervention
Nialene, Mozambique – Before and after our intervention
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