Even in this period of emergency, Mani Tese‘s commitment to building a more just world does not stop, both in the South of the world and in Italy, where the NGO has been promoting intense global citizenship education for years. For this reason, Mani Tese has launched various educational and training activities on its website to stay closed at home but with open minds.

“there is one thing this emergency must teach us, it is that we are all and all part of a single ecosystem – declares Sara de Simone, President of Mani Tese – In fact, global solutions are needed to face global crises. And to find global solutions, we need citizens and townspeople capable of creating them. Today more than ever we need to educate people who are able to manage complexity and to cooperate in solving the challenges of our century. For this reason, we do not want ignorance to win in the emergency nor do we have to give in to the temptation to deal only with this terrible emergency without considering the others that could soon happen to us. We need to prevent them: it is no longer the time to wait to create a sustainable global society”.

Mani Tese has therefore made available on its website numerous global citizenship education activities dedicated to children but also to parents, teachers and educators to face this period of isolation.

“All activities are, as in the spirit of Mani Tese, free and freely available. What we ask, from those who can and wants, is any support, even a minimal free donation, which allows us to continue our work both in Italy and in the South of the world. – continues de Simone – In this period, in fact, we must not forget about those who are on the margins of our now global society and who will not have the opportunity to cope as effectively with this possible emergency. For this reason it is necessary, today more than ever, not to interrupt our development interventions in the South of the world but to continue to provide the necessary support so that this process of building a more just and safer world for all does not stop”.

To help support the association, simply make a free donation by credit card (https://www.manitese.it/en/project/donate-now), or bank transfer (BANCA Popolare Etica IBAN: IT 57 F 05018 01600 000010203040 in the name of Associazione MANI TESE NGO Onlus), or CCP (c / cn ° 291278 in the name of Associazione Mani Tese NGO ONLUS, P.le Gambara 7/9, 20146 Milan). For help in making the donation, you can call 3737461921.

Below, all the “educational resilience to coronavirus” activities made available online by Mani Tese.

Exercises in balance to become aware citizens… from your own room!

In these weeks when you feel a bit like goldfish in the bowl, to bring a bit of the world into your home, Mani Tese offers exercises, readings and small challenges of education for global citizenship dedicated to boys and girls to keep themselves in balance on a planet to respect, without putting your nose out of the house. Trials to play, reflect and keep alive the desire to swim in the ocean, published twice a week on Mani Tese’s social channels. “Because sooner or later we will finally return to the ocean – reads the Mani Tese website – and we will certainly do it with more taste, but perhaps also with more respect and delicacy. Now we know how precious it is! ”.

The beauty of staying: meetings with experts to understand this time

Mani Tese will organize, starting from March 31, 2020, “The beauty of staying”, a cycle of free meetings with experts who will help us to read this unknown and unexpected time, in which everyone must collaborate and be responsible in the name of a common interest . The home also becomes a school and parents have to do a part of the work that is usually delegated to teachers. What positive can this moment bring? Can there be a pedagogy of limits, a sense in rediscovering the measure of our freedom while respecting a balance greater than us?

The first scheduled appointment is with Alberto Pellai and will be held on March 31, 2020, from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm.

To participate in the series of meetings “The beauty of staying” you need to register on the Mani Tese site so that you can receive, via email, the link to attend the meetings.

The initiative is part of the “Children who are worth!” promoted by Mani Tese together with other partners, a project selected by Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for combating child educational poverty.

The world from my window: a photographic story for children

Also as part of the “Children who are worth!” Project, Mani Tese will also launch, in the coming weeks, an initiative dedicated to children, inviting them to send a photograph of what they see from their window or balcony. Some of these photographs will become postcards to download on the Mani Tese website!

“Change FASHION!” a journey to discover 21st century fashion

The new interactive educational portal Change FASHION! is also online! to accompany young people to reflect on the hidden side of clothing production and on their role as consumers.

The true cost of an item of clothing is in fact much higher than the few euros that the fast fashion system has accustomed us to, based on ever faster production and consumption rates at the expense of respect for human rights and the environment.

Change FASHION! leads on a real journey: the one who makes his favorite t-shirt before arriving in Italian stores, to discover the criteria underlying our shopping habits and the potential for change as active citizens and responsible consumers.

In the next few days Mani Tese will also organize video lessons dedicated to teachers to learn how to use the portal.

The Change FASHION! portal! is created by Mani Tese in collaboration with Istituto Oikos and Guardavanti – For the future of children and with the contribution of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation as part of the project “Change FASHION! – From fast fashion to a transparent and sustainable textile supply chain”.

Virtual classrooms for global citizenship education

Mani Tese’s paths with schools do not stop! The animators and animators of Mani Tese in the next few days will continue in the video-lesson the paths of education to global citizenship already started with the children and schools that have joined.

For information on all Mani Tese educational initiatives, you can write to ecg@manitese.it

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